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Website for Schulischer Schabernack

The website of the podcast for P-Seminar Deutsch „Einen Podcast erstellen“.


Building the site includes encoding all episodes from FLAC to the target formats. Since this is not easily integrable into the website pipeline, the build process is quite complicated. Building the site also requires a special version of FFmpeg that includes support for the FDK AAC library. Therefore, it is recommended to use the Nix package manager to set up the environment. Please note that this requires Nix 2.4 or later with the experimental features nix-command and flakes enabled or Nix 3.0.

Simply building the site can be accomplished by running nix build. To run the build in-place (not inside the build sandbox), a development shell can be entered nix develop or by using direnv. Then, the build script can be run with ./build.sh.

The deployment is automated with the script deploy.sh. It automatically builds the site using Nix to achieve reproducibility and then deploys it via rsync to either the staging or production environment.


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT License. You can find its full license text in the file LICENSE.

This only covers the files in this repository with the exception of the podcast content (content/sch???-*), the banner (static/assets/banner.jpg), and the poster (static/assets/poster.jpg), which are solely owned by the contributors to the specific episode or artwork with no extra rights granted. Also, parts of the built website can be covered by other terms, due to it including code from external projects.