Programming tasks for ECG (filtered version)
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Programming tasks for ECG

This repository includes my solutions to the tasks for the module Einführung in die Computergraphik (Introduction to computer graphics) in the summer semester 2023 at the TU Dresden.

Each exercise includes a separate readme.txt that describes things specific to how I implemented the task. However, those documents are in German, which is a requirement.

Note: Due to copyright restrictions, I am not allowed to publish many of my solutions. The repository ecg-prog-filtered only includes files solely written by me. It is filtered with the script. Please dont rely on the history of this repository, as rewriting is part of how it can exist. See Licence for more information on the licencing.

If you want access to all of my solutions, please write me an email (or contact me in another way), Ill see what I can do.



To build a specific exercise, you can use Nix with flake support:

nix build -L .#u01

You can also manually invoke CMake. This requires you to have all dependencies installed. Because this is not my preferred way, there is no canonical list of dependencies, but you can find them in flake.nix.


You can use nix develop or direnv.

To create a compile_commands.json for ccls (or similar), create a build directory inside the exercise directory, and from that, execute:

ln -sf build/compile_commands.json ..


This project is REUSE compliant. Please use the reuse specification for finding out, what licence each file is under.

The published version only includes files under free software licences. Sadly, that makes them very incomplete, because most implementations done by me are in files from the template, which makes my additions a derivative work.