Upgrade to 22.05 #64

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flake: Update infinisilSystem
The binary of murmur is now called mumble-server, which is fixed in a
newer version of infinisil’s module.
Remove settings no longer necessary
Swaync is in stable, mumble 1.4 is in stable and has pulseaudio enabled
by default, the tray target is defined in home-manager upstream and
nix-direnv comes with flake support by default.
programs: Remove broken ones
I don’t really use gatling or snownews, so I don’t plan on fixing them.
neovim: Temporarily disable pylsp-mypy
Its build is currently broken.
pipewire: Remove media-session config
It is disabled by default in favour of wireplumber.
mayushii: Use latest kernel
Kernel 5.15 does not yet include rtw89 and nixos-hardware does not force
the latest kernel if the current kernel is < 5.16. There is an open PR
to change this in nixos-hardware: https://github.com/NixOS/nixos-hardware/pull/421
fuuko: Only wait for eno1 to be online
Otherwise it waits 120 seconds for eno2 to be online.
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sway: Improve mumble PTT binding
This option was recommended on
and should improve the reliability of the binding, which sometimes did
not send stopTalking.
simon force-pushed 22.05 from 6e925bf9d1 to 5e73beb572 1 year ago
simon force-pushed 22.05 from 5e73beb572 to 2f86d7a198 1 year ago
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