My NixOS configuration and other infrastructure related things
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Simon Bruder fec939d816
wireguard/support: Init
2 weeks ago
mullvad mullvad: Add fzf helper 6 months ago
nginx-interactive-index nginx-interactive-index: Make .. work again 2 years ago
prometheus node_exporter: Disable rapl collector 2 years ago
qbittorrent fuuko: Configure to work on-demand 6 months ago
restic restic/system: Enable compression 3 months ago
wireguard wireguard/support: Init 2 weeks ago
ausweisapp.nix ausweisapp: Use upstream module 3 months ago
cups.nix cups: Use elma’s new fqdn 6 months ago
default.nix fancontrol: Init 2 months ago
docker.nix Replace builtins with lib where possible 2 years ago
fancontrol.nix fancontrol: Init 2 months ago
fonts.nix fonts/iosevka: Adjust style to match Nerd fonts 2.1 3 months ago
games.nix games: Blacklist hid_nintendo 7 months ago
grub.nix grub: Disable memtest86 8 months ago
gui.nix gui: Enable udisks2 3 months ago
initrd-ssh.nix initrd-ssh: Improve module documentation 1 month ago
locales.nix Set geographical location system-wide 2 years ago
logitech.nix logitech: Init 1 year ago
mailserver.nix mailserver: Disable recipient_restrictions for submission 2 years ago
media-mount.nix media-mount: Ensure it is owned by user 7 months ago
media-proxy.nix media-proxy: Add storagebox 6 months ago
network-manager.nix network-manger: Switch to iwd as wifi backend 7 months ago
nginx.nix nginx: Disable access log by default 2 years ago
nix.nix nix: Use 22.11 options 3 months ago
office.nix Add video4linux2loopback 2 years ago
pipewire.nix pipewire: Use helvum from unstable 1 month ago
pubkeys.nix Migrate sayuri to hitagi 3 months ago
secrets.nix Use sops for secrets 2 years ago
ssh.nix hitagi: Use nixpkgs unstable 4 weeks ago
syncthing.nix syncthing: Do not harcode fuuko’s address 6 months ago
tmux.nix tmux: Configure system-wide 7 months ago
tools.nix Clean up tools/programs 6 months ago
udev.nix Add prometheus co2 exporter 5 months ago
unfree.nix unfree: Remove yuzu-{ea,mainline} 7 months ago