My NixOS configuration and other infrastructure related things
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Simon Bruder cc4460f98b
hitagi: Use nixpkgs unstable
4 weeks ago
bwrap-helper bwrap-helper: Always bind /etc/ssl/certs 1 year ago
co2_exporter co2_exporter: Actually apply systemd sandboxing 1 month ago
contact-page contact-page: Add note for confused recruiters 7 months ago
imprint Update address 6 months ago
osu-lazer pkgs/osu-lazer: Rebase patches 2 months ago
osu-lazer-sandbox osu-lazer-container: Rename to osu-lazer-sandbox 2 years ago
wordclock-dimmer wordclock-dimmer: Start after mosquitto 6 months ago
default.nix hitagi: Use nixpkgs unstable 4 weeks ago
modules.nix Add prometheus co2 exporter 5 months ago
overlays.nix Convert to flake 2 years ago